Southwest Technical Products Corporation

360 Degree View - 6800 Computer System

Testing Your New SWTPC 6800

Gary Kay, the SWTPC 6800 designer, remembers SWTPC

System Documentation Notebook

MP-B Mother Board

MP-B2 Mother Board

MP-P Power Supply

MP-A Microprocessor System Board, also Motorola MIKBUG

MIKBUG ROM Replacement

MP-C Control Interface

MP-M Memory Board 4K Bytes

MP-S Serial Interface

MP-L Parallel Interface

MP-LA Parallel Interface

MP-8M Memory Board 8K Bytes

MP-A2 Microprocessor System Board


MP-T Timer

MP-N Calculator

MP-R EPROM Programmer

Molex Connector and Switch Catalog, April 1973 (PDF 4.7MB)

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