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North Star Horizon

North Star made its mark in the S-100 industry with the introduction of a low cost 5.25" floppy disk controller. Following the success of the disk controller, North Star released the Horizon computer which provided a 4mhz Z80 processor and two DSDD 5.25 drives. The Horizon typically ran North Star DOS or CP/M.

The Horizon computer in the pictures below contains a typical board set for a North Star Horizon. The specific boards used are listed below. Many Horizon computers were shipped with wood covers, however the one I picked up and restored has a blue metal cover instead of wood.

Click this link to read about this Horizon computer and its restoration.

  • Z80 CPU board running at 4 mhz (ZPB-A)
  • 32K Dynamic RAM board (RAM-32-A)
  • 2 x 16K Dynamic RAM boards (RAM-16-A) , 8K enabled on 2nd 16K board for 56K total RAM 
  • MDS-A-D Double Density Floppy Disk Controller
  • Motherboard provides two serial ports and two parallel ports


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