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When I was going to the College of San Mateo (1975-1977) I worked at a local computer store, Allied Computers. My job was to assemble computers kits. This included IMSAI, Processor Tech, SWTPC and any other kit that a customer wanted assembled. I would take my pay in computer parts. The first pay check was a SWTPC CT-1024 terminal followed by a SWTPC 6800 computer. By early 1977 I had a complete system running BASIC. I also attended the Homebrew Computer Club.

One of the customers there was Bill Kelly. He was working for Regis McKenna Advertising on the Apple II introduction. Bill had worked on the Intel account and had a Intel SDK-80 evaluation board that he gave me in exchange for a power supply for his prototype Apple II board. (I still have that SDK-80 board with tiny BASIC.)

I collected almost every computer kit that SWTPC made from 1976 to 1981, and somehow I still have all the documentation. The FLEX User's Group has done a good job on most of the TSC and SWTPC software documentation but no one has done the hardware documentation.

The early SWTPC kit documentation was typewritten and had some misspelled words and simple formatting. When I scanned them in and converted them to text, I corrected the obvious spelling errors but did not change the grammar. I did not preserve the page breaks but the overall format is the same. I could not duplicate some format styles like an overbar for active low signals.

I use Omnipage Pro 12 OCR software, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat 6.0 to produce the .PDF files. Most of the photos are made by placing the circuit board directly on the scanner and scanning at 300 dpi and then editing the image in Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0. I created the web pages in Adobe PageMill 3.0 and Microsoft FrontPage 2003. The larger schematics are scanned at my local copy center, Kinko's.

You can send me email at the address below. Include a term like 6800, SWTPC or FLEX in the subject line. (I delete the ones about easy money and easy women.)

Most of the documents on the web site are from companies that are out of business. I have releases from some the original authors. If you own the copyright to any document on this site please contact me at the email address above.

I want this information to be available to all and you can make copies of any of the files for personal use. If you want to use a few images or pages for commercial use you may do so without additional permission.  If you want to publish any of my original photos or material and need a written release, I can provide that. Higher resolution versions of most images are available.

If you would like use one of my images on Wikipedia I will upload a copy with an  unrestricted copyright release.

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