CT-1024 Terminal System Kit (TV Typewriter II)

SWTPC TV Typewriter and MonitorHigh Resolution Photo

The CT-1024 Terminal System kit is a low cost alphanumeric character generator designed to simultaneously display sixteen lines of 32 characters/line on a standard video monitor or slightly modified television set. Together with its low cost options it may be used to simply display messages and data on a TV screen, to communicate with either local or remote computer systems, such as the SWTPC 6800 Computer System or to store and recover data from an audio cassette tape recorder just to mention a few.

The first ads for the CT-1024 appeared in the January 1975 issues of Radio-Electronics and Popular Electronics. The construction articles started in the February issue of Radio-Electronics.

Introduced by Southwest Technical Products Corporation in 1975. The CT-1024 kit cost $275.

Assembly Manuals and Schematics

CT-1024 Assembly Instructions (157k PDF)

CT-1024 Main Board Red and Blue Layout (204k JPG)

CT-1024 Board Interconnect Diagram (100k JPG)

CT-1024 Main Board Schematic (16 x 23 - 550k JPG)

CT-1024 Main Board IC Layout (142k JPG)

CT-1024 Memory Board Red and Blue Layout (60k JPG)

SWTPC CT-1024 Memory Board Photo High Resolution (115K JPG)

SWTPC KBD-5 Keyboard

KB-5 Keyboard Assembly Instructions (136k PDF)

KR2376 Keyboard Encoder Datasheet (447k PDF)
KR2376 scanned by Bill Griffith

SWTPC CTS Serial Interface Board Photo High Resolution (215K JPG)

CT-S Serial Interface Assembly Instructions (262k PDF)

CT-S Serial Interface Red and Blue Layout (114k JPG)

CT-S Serial Interface Schematic (11 x 17 - 275k JPG)

SWTPC CT-1024 Computer CursorBoard Photo High Resolution (170K JPG)

CT-CA Cursor Control Assembly Instructions (72k PDF)

SWTPC CT-1024 Screen ReadBoard Photo High Resolution (130K JPG)

CT-E Screen Read Assembly Instructions (54k PDF)

CT-E PCB Board Layout (160 JPG)

SWPTC P197 Power SupplyPower Supply Photo (66K JPG)

P-197 Power Supply Assembly Instructions (55k PDF)

Backspace Adapter

Digital Design 64 Character / Line Mod Kit (185k PDF)

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