FDC+ Enhanced Floppy Disk Controller for the Altair 8800


The Altair FDC+ is an enhanced version of the original MITS floppy disk controller for the Altair 8800. The FDC+ is a 100% compatible drop-in replacement for the original two-board Altair FDC. The FDC+ can serve as a replacement for a missing or defective Altair FDC, or you can use the FDC+ as a reference point while restoring original floppy equipment to working condition.

In addition to duplicating the functionality of the original MITS controller, the FDC+ provides several enhancements:

In addition to providing disk controller functions, the FDC+ includes up to 64K of RAM and 8K of PROM that can be separately enabled if needed. The RAM can be enabled in 1K increments. The PROM can be enabled in 256 byte increments.

Additional information is available on the FDC+ Support Page including the user's manual and more.
A full demo of the FDC+ in action can be seen here.

Ordering Information

The FDC+ comes completely assembled as shown in the picture. The following items are also included:

FDC+ Enhanced Floppy
Disk Controller

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