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Mostek AID-80F

The AID-80F was sold by Mostek as a Z80 development platform, or as an OEM computer for custom applications. The computer pictured below was obtained from an ex-Mostek employee who used it for text processing with WordStar and playing games in BASIC. Mostek sold/gave the computers to employees when the computer line was discontinued.

The AID-80F uses a Z80 processor running at 2.458mhz with 64K of RAM overlaid by 4K of PROM at E000-EFFF. A WD1771 based floppy disk controller connects to two Shugart 800 drives which are used in a single-sided, single density, soft-sectored configuration.

The card cage uses the same 50 position sockets (100 contacts) as used with the S-100 bus, but based on the size of the boards and the power and ground connections, the boards are clearly not S-100 compatible. 

The AID-80F originally ran FLP-80DOS which was later replaced by a much more powerful CP/M clone called M/OS-80. M/OS-80 was based heavily on CDOS, Cromemco's CP/M clone. I have also ported CP/M 2.2 to the machine. Disk images and utilities for transferring disk images are in the Resources section below

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