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PolyLetter newsletter mastheadPolyLetter, Our Newsletter

PolyLetter was a user-group newsletter started by Mark Sutherland in 1980. It was edited by several Poly enthusiasts over a period of about 13 years.

Thanks to one of those editors, Ralph Kenyon, we now have a complete set of PolyLetter from 1980 through 1993, including six issues per year during most years. Click on any of the thumbnails below to download a PDF version of that year.

PolyLetter 1980: with free programs, games, discussions of CP/M support, modem communications, machine language and BASIC programming techniques, new WordMaster word processing software, listings and offerings of many types of utility and business programs.

Editor: Mark Sutherland

PolyLetter 1981: with a new operating system release (Exec/93), hard disk subsystem, sorting disaster recovery, the Front Panel, FORTH programming, CP/M topics, PolyMorphic's move to a new address.

Editor: Bob Bybee

PolyLetter 1982: with confidence testing, ROM versions, CP/M, letter-quality printing tips, the design of Poly's new system, business applications, spell-checking, assembly language macros and relocatable programming.

Editor: Bob Bybee

PolyLetter 1983: with a two-drive 8810, an 18 MB hard drive add-on, Pascal programming, the Shugart SA-400 floppy drive, Exec/96 and BASIC C04, communications software packages and modems, the Poly text formatter, connections for the serial printer port.

Editor: Bob Bybee

PolyLetter 1984: with command files, hard drives, spares kits, mods for 2-drive and high capacity floppy drives, ROM internals, Toshiba printers, the Video Terminal Interface (VTI) and Central Processor Unit (CPU), typesetting.

Editor: Frank Stearns

PolyLetter 1985: with more on hard drives, communications protocols, the Floppy Disk Controller (FDC), solid state disks, mail list software, the Adventure game, macros, command files.

Frank Stearns,
Charles Steinhauser

PolyLetter 1986: with MailList, printer setup, user-defined functions, games, memory diagnostics, help files, device drivers.

Feedback from readers indicates that more and more of them are switching from Poly to IBM-PC compatible machines.

Charles Steinhauser,
Ralph Kenyon

PolyLetter 1987: with baud rates, public-domain software, Okidata 192 printer, spell checking, sorting, repairing a broken Poly, Gnomus, parallel printer ports.


Editor: Ralph Kenyon

PolyLetter 1988: with a local-area network (LAN) for Poly, serial port programming, video interfacing, Little-Ada compiler, SAVEF and SAVEP, C programming, the Front Panel, memory management techniques, conversion of Poly BASIC programs to IBM's GWBASIC.

At the end of this year, PolyMorphic officially announces they are closing the business.

Editor: Ralph Kenyon

PolyLetter 1989: with numeric precision in BASIC, graphics printing, TTL logic families, copyright issues, and more about transitioning from the Poly to a PC.

The Poly Emulator is released, allowing Poly programs to run on a PC.

Editor: Ralph Kenyon

PolyLetter 1990: with printer sharing, print control codes, bugs in the Poly ROMs, tips on useful PC programs, performance measurements of the Poly Emulator, implementation and troubleshooting of external Poly hard drives.

Editor: Ralph Kenyon

PolyLetter 1991: with subroutines, hypertext, TSR programs, the System Programmers Guide, comparisons of PC and Poly BASIC, backing up and restoring files.

Editor: Ralph Kenyon

PolyLetter 1992: with bar code printing, mortgage calculations, upgrading RAM cards, the Meta compiler, BASIC printing, DOS batch (command) files.

The May/June issue mentions hackers and computer viruses for the first time.

Editor: Ralph Kenyon

PolyLetter 1993: with MS-DOS and 4DOS, a print spooler, COM ports, more discussion of the Poly Emulator.


Editor: Ralph Kenyon