Oliver Audio Engineering
OP-80A Paper Tape Reader

An early method of distributing software was on paper tape but a real paper tape reader cost about $800. Doug Oliver had an idea on how to make a low cost reader that became an instant success.

You needed a light source such as a small high intensity desk lamp. With some practice on positioning the lamp and pulling the paper you could load data at hundreds of bytes per second.

OAE when on to manufacture high end EPROM programmers in the1980s.

Introduced in 1976 the OP-80A kit sold for $75

Pullling paper tape by hand

Pulling a paper tape through a OAE OP-80A (2.8MB MPEG)

A Southwest Technical Products 6800 computer with a
SWTPC CT-1024 Terminal and a OP-80A Tape Reader


Photo with paper tape (50K JPG)

OP-80 Paper Tape ReaderHigh Resolution Photo (128K JPG)

Byte Magazine AdAd from Byte Magazine July 1977 Page 158 (91K JPG)

OAE Owner's Manual (354K PDF )

6800 Reader Software from Homebrew Computer Club Newsletter (51K PDF)

6800 Reader Software from SWTPC Newsletter (16K PDF)

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