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SD Systems

SD Systems was a popular S-100 board manufacturer in the late 1970's. They also sold a few computer systems, though the sale of computer systems appears to very limited. This page provides information about both the computer systems and S-100 boards sold by SD Systems.

SDS-100 Computer

One of the computers sold by SD Systems was the SDS-100 Computer. It provided a 4mhz Z-80 processor, 80x24 video, and two 1mb DSDD 8" floppy drives as can be seen in this ad.

SDS-51009 Computer

Pictured on the right is an SD Systems 51009 computer. This computer appears to be a custom product developed by SD Systems for TBS International, a shipping company. A full discussion of the restoration of this computer is available here. The capabilities of this system are similar to the SDS-100 computer.

The original set of SD Systems boards was not available for the restoration, so a board set from Vector Graphic with very similar features and performance was used instead.

SD Systems S-100 Boards

SD Systems made a name for itself designing and selling S-100 boards. The most popular was their line of ExpandoRAM dynamic RAM boards. They also sold a few Z-80 CPU boards, the VersaFloppy I and II floppy disk controllers, an 80x24 video board, along with a few other boards. Manuals for most of their board products are available in the links section at the bottom of this page.

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