"Music System" Board (Replica)

Martin Eberhard created this replica of the original S-100 board provided with the "Music System" from Software Technology (a division of Processor Technology). Designed primarily for Processor Technology's Sol-20 computer and for systems running their "Sub-System B," the board can also be used in other S-100 machines by providing a monitor ROM that provides the same console I/O entry points as their SOLOS or CUTER monitor ROMs.

The second half of this video demonstrates the Music System and this board running on an Altair 8800.

Music board

Software and Music

Here are links to the software, music, and the user's manual for the Music System:

Ordering Information

The board is available with a Sol-20 (and Sub-System B) compatible cassette tape containing the music system software, all of the music files that were included on the original Software Technology tape, and several other music files.

The board itself is bare – the parts and cable shown in the picture are not included.

Presently, on-line ordering is not available for this board. If you'd like to be put in contact with Martin Eberhard to purchase this board, please contact us.